Combating exploding obesity rates and related health problems

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Where Ohio Stands in the Battle Against the Bulge

In 2012, almost 30 percent of adults in the U.S. Were obese. This is according to a survey done by the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While they didn’t rank states as to who had the worst obesity problem, a non-profit by the name of Trust for America’s Health did. Each year they provide a report that reveals where we stand in regards to obesity, state-by-state.

So what about Ohio particularly? Where did we sit in the rankings? We weren’t at the top of the list. Mississippi ranked at the top with 34.9 percent of adults being obese. We sat, unpleasantly, as the 13th most-obese state with just over 65 percent of adults being obese. Kansas also shared the 13th position with us. 

We’ve clearly been witnessing an epidemic. There wasn’t a single state in the 2012 stats that had an adult obesity rate of less than 20 percent. If you look back to 1991, there wasn’t a single state that had that high. If you go back further to 1980, there wasn’t a single state that had more than 15 percent.

**UPDATE** The 2013 report from Trust for America’s Health revealed that the steadily rising rate of obesity in Ohio appears to be finally tapering off. But we still have about 30 percent of adults in our state that are obese.

Dangerous Health Risks Related to Obesity 

Being overweight, especially if classified as obese, can come with serious heath problems that Garcinia extract can help. Over 11 percent of adults in Ohio had diabetes and over 30 percent had high blood pressure as of 2012 when the Trust for America’s Health report was released.

If we don’t get these numbers down and come up with a way for people to start losing weight, we could see the number of weight related health problems skyrocket. They could increase 10x by the time we hit the year 2020 and even double that by 2030. Problems include hypertension, coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke and arthritis. 

What kind of numbers are we talk about? Staggering ones. We could be looking at 5 million instances of stroke or heart disease, over six million of type 2 diabetes and nearly half a million of cancer. All of this within merely two decades. That’s a scary thought.

The Financial Turmoil Brought on by Obesity

It’s not an easy task to calculate exactly how much money is required to treat obesity-related health problems each year. However, estimates hover anywhere from $147 billion to over $200 billion each and every year. Could we use this money for other things? We could. If we could get our weight under control. It’s estimated that by the year 2030, those costs could go up by roughly another $50 billion to $60 billion.

Reducing Body Mass Index

By simply reducing BMI by the smallest bit, we could help millions and save billions at the same time. That’s one thing we really like about garcinia cambogia, too. The fact that it slows down fat production, as well as as burns away current fat. Here’s some rough numbers to give you an idea of just how many people could avoid developing dangerous health problems that are related to obesity: 

  • Heart disease: Over 10,000 people spared in Alaska and over 650,000 in California
  • Hypertension: Over 10,000 people spared in Alaska and over 690,000 in California
  • Cancer relating to obesity: Over 800 in Alaska and over 50,000 in California
  • Type 2 diabetes: Over 14,000 in Alaska spared and over 795,000 in California